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How it all began:

The corner stone for the repair of window mannequins and the present day company, Wissler Vertriebs GmbH, was laid in 1925 by Fritz Hedrich’s grandfather. Growing up in the midst of the family business, the father too learned the craft involved in this elaborate restoration process. Fritz Hedrich’s mother soon took over the difficult task of performing the finishing touches, adding the make-up typical of those days.

The spark for “The Fascination with Window Mannequins” also struck Fritz Hedrich early on. However, he quickly went on to set new standards. In addition to cosmetic corrections and leasing options, business came into play. Especially for latter, he personally designed sports mannequins in authentic poses. Years later, he enhanced this Sports Program supported by professional sculptors. Specializing in filling this niche with these sports mannequins, sales quickly increased.

These successful sales policies lead to the modernization and expansion of their own facilities.

Here and Now:

Our extravagant window mannequins are touted globally by many well-known and successful labels and retailers. With over 90 years of experience in the field of window mannequins, we are meanwhile represented throughout Europe, North America and the Arab countries. Our Reliability and flexibility are particularly applauded. Not to forget quality and sustainability with regard to repairs and spare parts. The topic of sports and outdoor activities still play the major role in our company. However, fashion mannequins and the associated children’s mannequins are gaining more importance in addition to accessories, fixtures and presentation tools.

Wissler furthermore convinces its customers with solutions especially tailored to their needs. Solutions which are presented attractively and are a perfect fit for the individual customer’s overall concept. In close collaboration with our customers and our sculptors, the finished product emerges through the stages of the concept design through the phase of the clay prototypes three-dimensional composition up to the finished mannequin. All of the standard coating processes such as water transfer, colored varnish, glossy or matt and even gold plating are possible.

Diligent employees in all departments, such as distribution, marketing or in the warehouse are necessary to accomplish all of this.

Vision of the Future:

We will remain a reliable and strong partner in all things window mannequins and customized options in future, a partner guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Continuous development with regard to handling, quality and functionality accompanied by new materials and contingent to new trends remains our goal.

True to the adage: “Sport is motion – Wissler is emotion”